An Urban Experience In F.A.C.E. ?>

An Urban Experience In F.A.C.E.

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Urban Experience in Family And Community Engagement (F.A.C.E.)

Gwen E. Samuel, Founder of Connecticut Parents Union Launches a Parent led workshop series The Urban Experience in Family And Community Engagement (FACE) “Transitioning Teachers into Diverse Communities and Classrooms”

The Urban Experience in Family And Community Engagement Workshop Series” provides educators, administrators, and lead school support staff with solution-oriented strategies critically needed to build sustainable relationships with parents, families, and communities who are marginalized in the educational system.

This series will lead to effective partnerships that nurture both teacher and student success in the classroom.  Urban Experience in FACE is based on strengthening interpersonal communication and building trust strategies that are rooted in real life experiences that occur in classrooms throughout the school year.

Workshop experiences in FACE are presented through intentional demonstrations, hands-on activities, and short interactive-style presentations which may include interactions with parents, students, and community members.

The Experiences in FACE will provide effective strategies to help educators access, analyze and synthesize information about their student’s home, school, and community to create and enhance opportunities for improved student achievement.  The following Modules can be offered as school-based teacher professional development, student-teacher practicums, or as part of a school improvement plan with education decision makers and school boards.

We deliver four modules that can be combined or conducted as stand-alone workshops tailored to a specific audience.



“I have worked with Gwen Samuel in both educational and advocacy environments.  If you are serious about transforming the education landscape for teachers, students and parents, this workshop series is a must have.” Dr. Sonia BasSheva Manjon, Associate Professor the Ohio State University

“Parent leader Gwen Samuel knows improving education is about more than just engaging parents. It is about building POWER to ensure every child has access to great educational opportunities. Gwen’s work is a testament to the flame that burns inside of so many parents as they seek the best education possible for their children.” Dr. Howard Fuller, Civil Rights Activist, Founder and Director, Institute for the Transformation of Learning Marquette University

Ms. Gwen don’t play. She makes sure the voice of students is first in everything that she does in education. She always asks us this question – what is it that adults need to know for young people to succeed in school?” Tionna L., 11th Grade Student New Haven

“I have not met anyone more passionate about engaging parents and the community in the education of our children.  Gwen lives and breathes the African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child”, through her advocacy and workshops.  Gwen understands the importance of parents working closely with their child’s teacher to ensure the educational success of the child.” Mona Davids, President New York City Parents Union

“When I wrote the nation’s first Parent Empowerment Act, I firmly believed that parents should be the architects of their own children’s educational futures. When I met Gwen Samuel I saw she personifies the very essence of the meaning of parent empowerment itself. Her voice is a voice for us all and I am honored to work alongside her.”    Senator Gloria Romero (Ret), Author of Parent Empowerment Act of 2010

“Ms. Samuel is a very inspirational leader. She is unique in her approach when addressing education. She includes everybody in the discussion-  youth, parents, teachers, and community. I am grateful to have been a part of various workshops in the past under her leadership with Teach Our Children & Youth Unleashed in New Haven.”Amirah Muhammad, former Youth Unleashed member 

“For years now, Gwen Samuel has been a parent activist extraordinaire. Her goal is to improve educational outcomes for all children. Unflinching in her passion, she is fearless and unrelenting in her battles with the education establishment, which frequently is more concerned with maintaining its power than with the needs of parents and kids.” Larry Sand President, California Teachers Empowerment Network

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